It’s kinda hot in here!!!

For those that have worked in a professional kitchen you know that’s it gets hot. We’re not talking hey let’s turn up the ac a little. We’re talking full on 120 degree, melt your face off hot!! Why is this important you might ask. It’s not to get a pitty party by any means. It’s to let you know that I have some experience in heated situations and how to keep cool.

Much like a kitchen, relationships have their ups and downs. Everything is moving along fine, everyone is feeling groovy and then something happens. Maybe you overcook a steak or drop a burger on the ground or have a misunderstanding with your boyfriend/ girlfriend / spouse. Inevitably something will happen and you go from oh I love you kiss kiss kiss to I hate your stupid face.

Hopefully it’s a small issue. You know you misunderstand what the question was and it’s a simple misunderstanding with a simple solution. Or maybe you were dumb and answered yes that skirt/ shorts makes your but look big.

Just remember keep your cool. Listen to what is being said and why the other person is upset. Now when I say listen, I truly mean listen. I’m not talking about thinking of what to say while the other person is talking. I mean understanding what is being said, and if you don’t understand what they mean ask.

There is nothing worse for a relationship or a restaurant for that matter than letting hurt feelings get out of control. Tempers will flair, tensions will get high, and friendships will be lost. So just remember, be cool. Take a moment to understand why your upset before you start yelling that you’re upset. Sometimes you’ll find the reason you are upset is because it’s too damn hot!!!!

or maybe your hungry and need a snickers 🙂


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