Home grillin

Have you ever grilled a steak at home and thought, we’ll this doesn’t seem right? Well you would be correct. There are a lot of differences that a home chef should be aware of. When it comes to home grillin the most important thing is temperature.

That makes no sense. You turn the gas on, hit the button and rock n roll right!? WRONG!!! The next time you have the grill out give the temperature gage a gander. It goes up to 500 maybe 600 degrees. That’s damn hot….right? Yes and no. Hot enough to char so tasty mammal flesh but not nearly as hot as the grill at your favorite steak house. Those run slightly hotter at over 800-1000 degrees.

So remember when it’s steak time to turn it on and let it get nice and hot. To be safe let it sit for 10-15 minutes before you throw that delicious t-bone on. And don’t open it too often. Every time you lift the lid you lose a lot of heat.

Follow these simple guides and happy grillin!!!!!


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