Fall is finally here!

It’s almost that time of the year. Cold weather, hot chocolate and Halloween. It’s time to say goodbye to the light and delicate flavors of summer and welcome the bolder, heartier flavors of the fall.

When the colors change, and the daylight starts to dwindle its time for us to create our own colors. I’m talking about caramelization!!!! For those who might need a refresher on how to caramelize, look no farther.

Almost all foods ( fruits, vegetables and meats ) have natural sugars. For those who want to impress their friends, these sugars are referred to as glucose and fructose. Ok awesome ………I know the names what what are they. They easiest way to look at it is like this.

1. Foods that contain carbohydrates ( this would be your starches) have the simple sugar glucose.

2. Fruits contain the fruit sugar fructose. Fruit…. Fructose…. I see what they did there.

Now that we know the fancy stuff, back to what caramelization actually is. When you cook a sugar, it goes thru the process of caramelization. This changes the flavor, in most cases intensifying the flavor and causing a darkened appearance. Think of a creme brûlée.

The most common way to do this is by roasting. Yes it’s truly as simple as it sounds. Crank your oven up, take some of the beautiful fall vegetables ( squash, root vegetables, etc), put them in a single layer in a rotating pan or cookie sheet and slide the, in the oven till they’re a dark golden color. Add a sprinkle of salt, pepper and a little olive oil and enjoy the wonder that is caramelization.



It’s kinda hot in here!!!

For those that have worked in a professional kitchen you know that’s it gets hot. We’re not talking hey let’s turn up the ac a little. We’re talking full on 120 degree, melt your face off hot!! Why is this important you might ask. It’s not to get a pitty party by any means. It’s to let you know that I have some experience in heated situations and how to keep cool.

Much like a kitchen, relationships have their ups and downs. Everything is moving along fine, everyone is feeling groovy and then something happens. Maybe you overcook a steak or drop a burger on the ground or have a misunderstanding with your boyfriend/ girlfriend / spouse. Inevitably something will happen and you go from oh I love you kiss kiss kiss to I hate your stupid face.

Hopefully it’s a small issue. You know you misunderstand what the question was and it’s a simple misunderstanding with a simple solution. Or maybe you were dumb and answered yes that skirt/ shorts makes your but look big.

Just remember keep your cool. Listen to what is being said and why the other person is upset. Now when I say listen, I truly mean listen. I’m not talking about thinking of what to say while the other person is talking. I mean understanding what is being said, and if you don’t understand what they mean ask.

There is nothing worse for a relationship or a restaurant for that matter than letting hurt feelings get out of control. Tempers will flair, tensions will get high, and friendships will be lost. So just remember, be cool. Take a moment to understand why your upset before you start yelling that you’re upset. Sometimes you’ll find the reason you are upset is because it’s too damn hot!!!!

or maybe your hungry and need a snickers 🙂

Home grillin

Have you ever grilled a steak at home and thought, we’ll this doesn’t seem right? Well you would be correct. There are a lot of differences that a home chef should be aware of. When it comes to home grillin the most important thing is temperature.

That makes no sense. You turn the gas on, hit the button and rock n roll right!? WRONG!!! The next time you have the grill out give the temperature gage a gander. It goes up to 500 maybe 600 degrees. That’s damn hot….right? Yes and no. Hot enough to char so tasty mammal flesh but not nearly as hot as the grill at your favorite steak house. Those run slightly hotter at over 800-1000 degrees.

So remember when it’s steak time to turn it on and let it get nice and hot. To be safe let it sit for 10-15 minutes before you throw that delicious t-bone on. And don’t open it too often. Every time you lift the lid you lose a lot of heat.

Follow these simple guides and happy grillin!!!!!

4th of July fun time!!!!

In honor of the Fourth of July I did some cooking on the local news. To me one of the must haves on the Fourth of July is some good backyard grillin. But not everyone has a grill and not everyone has a backyard. But most people have a kitchen of some kind, and in that kitchen there is usually a stove.

So let’s talk about pan searing steaks. It’s extremely simple and is how a lot of restaurants cook their steaks. I gave a few tips on the news segment below.



Home cookin

What is the trick to cooking like a pro at home? Oddly enough the answer to that is surprisingly easy. Take a simple concept and keep it simple!!!

There it is. Kind of underwhelming right!?!?

Let me explain. Let’s say your making a fruit tray for a BBQ, graduation, gala event. Well, the quick and easy way to make that would be to cut it into cubes and throw it on a platter. Easy peasy


You can take it to the next level. A melon baller is a cheap and invaluable kitchen tool that is vastly underrated. That watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew you were going to cut into cubes are now AWESOME BRIGHTLY COLORED BALLS OF FRUIT!!!! Just cut them into rings and go to town. If you really want to get fancy, you can put them on a bamboo skewer or a tooth pick and viola.

A simple idea kept simple, just taken to the next level…..



Free time….. Now what??

It’s not very often that I find myself with free time. It’s an even rarer occurrence when that free time involves my daughter visiting her grandparents. So needless to say, my free time is actually free time. It’s these times that you need to use to let your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend or in the case of Jay and Silent bob, hetero life mate , how much they mean to you.

It doesn’t have to be something over the top extravagant, just something the both of you can do together. Something so simple can mean so much. Those are the little things that help fill in the empty spots when you can’t be there.

Don’t forget to have fun, and remember…. Life is an adventure, enjoy it!!!